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We have created these rules to ensure the safety of the caabins, the surrounding area and our guests. By making the reservation and arriving at our cabins, you confirm that you have read and agree with these rules. If you do not agree with these rules, the reservation cannot be made.


Guests of Varena Treehouse undertake to carefully read these rules, as well as other documents, which are sent to guests personally before arriving at the cabins.



1. Fire a stove in the cabin only when you are in the cabin, do not leave a lit stove unattended. Before going to bed, make sure the stove is not lit. In case you notice that the stove has cracked and that there is a flame or smoke coming through the crack, notify us immediately and extinguish the fire;

2. Place firewood only in the designated storage place, away from the stove. Do not place any objects on the stove. Keep a safe distance from a hot stove;

3. When the stove is lit, do not leave children unattended near it, and do not allow children to light it;

4. Burn candles only in the candle holders;

5. It is strictly forbidden to use fireworks in cabins;

6. Smoking is prohibited inside the cabins. Smoking is allowed only in the campfire area outside;

7. You shall light a campfire in a specially equipped fire pit only. Do not leave a lit campfire unattended and make sure it is extinguished before leaving the campfire. Since the cabins are very close to the forest, the risk of fire the forest is extremely high, especially in summer. Therefore, handle the fire with extreme caution;


8. If you notice that the fire is out of control, use the fire extinguishers in the cabins to extinguish the fire;


9. In the event of a fire damaging the cabins or surrounding areas caused due to the negligence of the guests, the guests shall be responsible for all the resulting losses;


10. Light the hot-tub according to the instructions, which we sent you before your visit;

11. If you notice the following, call us immediately:

• If there are visible cracks in the stove of the hot-tub, steam is rushing through them;

• If the stove is leaking;

• If the stove is visually bulging;

• If 30 minutes after lighting the stove, the water in the bath does not heat up;

• If the water level in the hot-tub has fallen below the water supply hole;

These signs indicate that your hot-tub stove is defective and unsafe, so please move away immediately from the stove when you notice these signs.



12. The cabins are suitable for two adults. We allow guests with small children to arrive by bringing cots for their children. Please notify us in advance before arriving with children;

13. During the visit it is forbidden to invite other people into the cabins, hold parties, or make loud noise. The cabins are for a quiet retreat only;

14. We accept guests with pets in West and East cabins only. In case you are bringing your pet with you, please notify us in advance, as well as read and follow the rules for guests with pets, which we shared with you before your stay;

15. Guests shall take care of their pets. Please keep in mind that other cabins may be occupied by guests with children or other pets. All responsibility for damage caused by pets shall be assumed by the guests who brought the pet;


16. Use electrical appliances, including the electrical stove, only when you are in the cabin. Do not allow children to use these devices;

17. In case electrical appliance breaks down in the cabin, please call us. We will fix the defaults, don't fix the defaults yourself;


18. Reservations may be rescheduled or cancelled up to 30 days prior to your stay, or within 48 hours of making the reservation.




19. Guests undertake to compensate for all losses caused by them as a result of damaged or destroyed movable and immovable property located in the cabins, including the cabins themselves, or in the area around the cabins;

20. Guests are responsible for their accidents that may occur inside the cabins or in the area around the cabins or while swimming in the pond;

21. Cabins are adapted for recreation for two adults. We allow our guest to visit the cabins with small children, but the guests shall remain responsible for their safety. When bringing small children, guests should keep in mind that the cabins are installed up to two meters in height, the handrails are suitable for adults, and the cabins are equipped with other devices, e.g. stoves, that can be dangerous for children;

22. If the guests damage or destroy their property during their stay in cabins, the guests shall remain responsible for such damages.

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